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Image Segmentation

This website is new and still under development, but please email daniel {at} mardascience {dot} com and we'd be happy to talk with you!

Here is a recent presentation I gave showing an overview of some of my recent work (view in presentation mode)

Aerial imagery#

Water / no water#

USGS PlaneCam (west coast) RGB imagery:

Water / sand / vegetated / developed#

NOAA Emergency Reconnaissance (RGB) imagery:

Water / surf / sand / vegetated / developed#

USGS PlaneCam (west coast) RGB imagery:

Satellite imagery#

Water / whitewater / sand / other#

Sentinel-2 RGB imagery at Duck, North Carolina:

Water / whitewater / sand / other#

Landsat-8 RGB imagery at Ventura, California:

Shoreline trends#

at Agate Beach near Patricks Point, northern CA:

Webcam imagery#